The 2nd International Olympiad of Metropolises

The first round of the International Olympiad of Metropolises has started

The first main competition of the 2nd International Olympiad of  Metropolises has started in Moscow. Today the participants in chemistry and physics will be сarring out experiments, the participants in mathematics and informatics will be solving problems.

Three Moscow schools and company Yandex host the competition.

Chemists will be accepted at school "Integral". Physics will be competing in the school 2030. The school 1253 will be waiting for the participants in mathematics. Yandex company will host the competition in informatics. Watch the results in informatics online in scoring table.

The 2nd International Olympiad of Metropolises held in Moscow from 4 to 9 September, 2017. The participants of the Olympiad became 36 teams from the biggest cities from all over the world.