The 2nd International Olympiad of Metropolises

About the Olympiad

In September 2016 the opening ceremony of the first International Olympiad of Metropolises was held in Moscow. The contest was organized on the initiative of the Mayor of Moscow. 

The words “Moscow is the land of hospitality, the land of discoveries” became a motto for 173 high school students from 18 countries of the world. Teams of young experts in mathematics, informatics, chemistry and physics came to the Russian capital from 22 biggest cities and capitals from all over the world: Abu-Dhabi, Almaty, Astana, Belgrade, Berlin, Bishkek, Budapest, Jakarta, Düsseldorf, Yerevan, Leipzig, Milan, Minsk, New-Delhi, Beijing, Riga, St. Petersburg, Sofia, Tallinn, Tel-Aviv, Helsinki, and Moscow that hosted the event.     

Participants of the Olympiad of Metropolises were students of 14 to 18 years of age. Every city was presented by 8 students and team leaders who were translating the tasks into the native language of the team.

Physics and chemistry contests consisted of theoretical and experimental rounds. Mathematics and informatics sections included solving of problems. The complexity of tasks was comparable to traditional international Olympiads. 

In addition to the main contests the students took part in an exciting multi-disciplinary blitz contest. Teams simultaneously were solving tasks in mathematics, informatics, chemistry and physics. Before coming to the Olympiad every team sent their tasks for each of the four disciplines of the final school exam level. The blitz contest tasks were selected from them. The results of the blitz contest were not included into the final score. 

The organizers prepared an exciting cultural program. The students took part in a walking tour Moscow Quest round the city, they learnt about the history and cultural heritage of Russia and its capital, visited museums, exhibitions and festivities devoted to the Day of Moscow.  

Participants’ impressions:

A member of the team from Beijing: “I love mathematics, I believe it is very beautiful. I like other subjects as well, but math is the main one, it makes me work”. 

A member of the team from Minsk: «I have been fascinated by math since I was six, I like geometry, you are looking for some similar facts you knew already and use them for solving a problem. I like it. Previously I took part in Olympiads in my country and in the St. Petersburg Mathematical Olympiad”.

A student from Abu-Dhabi: “This is my first time in Moscow, everything is nice here: weather, sights, people; I like it”. 

A participant from Budapest told about his discipline: “I thought computer science was important for our future, and this is why I started learning it. Before that I studied mathematics. I am afraid some tasks can be quite difficult, I am nervous a bit”.